Interested in living at Genesis?

Most of the apartments at Genesis are already committed to seniors and families, some of whom are transitioning from the DC foster care system. A small number of apartments remain to be filled by senior households and other families who will be selected through an application process that will be completed in the near future.


Genesis isn’t for everyone

Whether you’re on your own, have a spouse, or are part of a larger household, take time to learn about the way of life at Genesis and consider whether it's for you. 

  Some questions to consider:

  • Do you value your independence but like the idea of living alongside neighbors who actively support one another?
  • Are you comfortable being around people of all ages, including families who have been through tough times?
  • Are you willing to commit to sharing your time and talents to support your neighbors, just as they’ll be supporting you?
  • What kinds of things might you enjoy - and be challenged by - if you lived at Genesis? 

  How to apply

Applying to live at Genesis is a process of several steps designed to help potential residents understand what life will be like in this unique community. If you've given it some thought and decided that Genesis might be a good fit, your first step will be to submit an application.  

Once you successfully complete the remaining steps in the application process, your application will be placed with those from other applicants who have also completed the process. 

The key steps of the application process are summarized in the timeline to the right and explained in detail in the Senior Application Packet and the Family Application Packet, each of which you can download here: 

Download Senior Application PacketDownload Family Application Packet

When you apply, you'll be asked to provide basic information, furnish references, and respond to several questions about your interest in Genesis and how you might contribute to the community.  Each adult member of a household is required to submit an application.

The process also requires you to pass background checks and to attend an educational session on the experiences and challenges of youth in foster care.

Finally, you will be asked to participate in an informational interview with Genesis partners so you can ask and answer questions about living in the community.

  Process and General Timeline

For a limited period of time, Genesis is continuing to receive applications in the specific applicant category identified below.  Please note that this could change at any time.  We expect to end the application period completely in the very near future, at which time this information will be posted on the website.

Until then, Genesis applications are still being received for the following category of applicants: senior singles, senior couples, and families (with or without seniors) whose annual income is between 51% and 80% of AMI (Average Median Income)

Because of the strong interest in units set aside for lower income level applicants, we're only able to receive applications from applicants who fall in the 51% to 80% AMI category.

If you’re uncertain where you fall regarding AMI, go to the Genesis website, visit the Apartments section of the website and review the income chart to identify your AMI category.

Again, we expect to fully cease taking applications for Genesis in the very near future.   If you’re interested in applying, we suggest you do so soon as the application period could close at any point.

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